Preciosa Flatback Non Hotfix

Preciosa Flatback Non Hotfix

Preciosa Flatback Non Hotfix

This selection of flatback non hotfix crystals from Preciosa can be glued to almost any surface. Specially designed for glue application, the flatback crystals contain a mirror backing for unrivalled shine and a multilayer coating to improve resilience. They are practical for most applications and look stunning!

In 2018 Preciosa released some gorgeous new colours for example Vintage Rose, Dark Indigo, Sunrise as well as an opal collection. The opal effect crystals have been particulary popular for nail art.

Our Preciosa crystal packs are available in a huge range of colours and a wide variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find the right elements for your project. With such an array of options there is no limit to your creativity! Flatback non hotfix crystals are perfect for embellishing shoes, accessories, clothing and anything else that needs a touch of sparkle.

Don’t forget that to crystallize anything with these crystals, you’ll need some craft glue and a syringe, or other embellishing tools. We have a fabulous range of adhesives and applicators here.