SS5 (1.8mm) Hotfix Flatback Crystals Pack of 1440

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SS5 (1.8mm) Hotfix Flatback Crystals Pack of 1440

Preciosa Viva 12 SS5 (1.8mm) wholesale pack of 1440 hotfix flatback crystal also known as iron on, rhinestone, gem or diamante have a layer of glue on the back and can be applied to many different surfaces i.e. greeting cards, parchment craft, jewellery designs, upcycling your clothing, adding logos or your name to club wear, team wear, caps, tshirts and hoodies.

You can also create your own transfers using our hotfix transfer film, you will find the hotfix transfer film under our tools and accessories section.

These Preciosa hotfix crystals also know as iron on crystals are applied using heat. If you are using the Kandi Kane Hotfix Applicator to apply these SS5 crystals we recommend that you use small flat tip. You will need to place the crystal on your garment (shiney side facing up) then place the hot flat tip on the top of the crystal, the heat from the tip will melt the glue in approximately 5 seconds.