SS20 (5mm) Hotfix Flatback Crystals Pack of 1440

SS20 (5mm) Hotfix Flatback Crystals Pack of 1440

Wholesale pack of 1440 Preciosa Viva 12 SS20 (5mm) hotfix flatback crystals are perfect if you would like to put your name on your hoodie or tshirt, you can easily do this by drawing the logo/your design with classroom chalk (washable), once you are happy with your design, using the Kandi Kane Hotfix Applicator Wand place each hotfix crystal, evenly spaced out, over the chalked design.

Once you have placed the hotfix crystals securely onto your garment it is possible to either brush the chalk off or place the garment in the washing machine on a low heat and the chalk mark will be removed and your will have your hotfix crystal design. 

With all the colours and shades available you will find a passion for crystallising will soon grow!