SS10 (3mm) Hotfix Flatback Crystals Pack of 1440

SS10 (3mm) Hotfix Flatback Crystals Pack of 1440

Wholesale pack of 1440 Preciosa Viva 12 SS10 (3.0mm) hotfix flatback crystals are heat activated crystals meaning getting creative can be more efficient, less hassle and much cleaner!

How to apply Hotfix Crystals using a Kandi Kane Applicator Wand

  1. Place textile on hard suface.
  2. Allow applicator 2-3 mins warm-up time and ensure correct tip is attatched.
  3. Place heated applicator tip on the crystal and allow crystal to attach.
  4. Hold applicator upright and the glue on the base bubbling and colour changing slightly can be observed.
  5. Place on garment (glue to fabric).
  6. Hold of a few seconds.
  7. Remove tool.