ss40 (8.5mm) Preciosa Hotfix Flatback Crystals

ss40 (8.5mm) Preciosa Hotfix Flatback Crystals

Preciosa ss40 (8.5mm) small pack flatback rhinestones also know as iron on crystals, gems, diamantes and sequins. 

The SS40 is only available in the colours Clear and AB.   The ss40 flatback crystal is often applied to dance and stage costumes

The ss40 Swarovski flatback rhinestone is a very popular sized crystal used on Irish Dance Costumes.


There are 3 options available to apply Swarovski Hotfix Rhinestones to your chosen garment, these 3 options are 1) hotfix applicator wand  2) heat press  3) household iron.

Iron-on Method - Heat Application Hotfix is the adhesive located on the back of the flatback crystal. The Hotfix Rhinestone is ideal for applying to fabrics including denim, silk, satin, cotton, lycra, polyester and velvet..

  • Pre-heat your iron to the chosen fabric, please read the garments label first to prevent the iron becoming too hot. The temperature can range from 120ºC - 170°C (250°F - 340°F). A teflon pad on the base of the iron, will help protect the sole plate from glue residue.
  • Please do not  use steam on your iron, as this will have a negative effect on the application process.
  • Rather than using an ironing board as the surface underneath your fabric, Crystal Parade would recommend using a hard piece of board or card, as the ironing board cover can be soft, a firm and level surface is required.
  • Place a piece of paper in between the item of clothing, to protect it from possible marks caused by the crystals.
  • Gently move the iron over the fabric first just to warm it up a little then place the rhinestones in the design you would like.
  • The Crystal Katana or jewell setter are  excellent hand held toosl to pick up & place the flatback crystals.
  • Next please place a lightweight tea towel or hankerchief over the flatback crystal and using the iron, press down and keep moving around until the glue melts.
  • You can check the flatback crystals (rhinestones) by trying to lift them with your fingernail and if they begin to lift, you will need to iron them again.
  • Let them cool.
  • Please take note that the Hotfix glue is not completely bonded until it has fully hardened (please allow upto 24 hours). During this period, handle the garment with care and do not wash it.
  • Crystal Parade recommends that you wash your garment inside out and avoid using fabric condition in your wash.
  • The ideal tool to use for applying crystal hotfix rhinestones is the Kandi Kane Hotfix Applicator wand, it is very easy to use and enables you to apply the crystal accurately and quickly without any mess.  You will find the Kandi Kane Hotfix Applicator Wand in our Tools and Accessories section.

You can use hotfix crystals and rhinestones to embellish many different items, including greeting cards, wedding stationery, ribbons, evening wear, denim jackets, ties, ribbon around a celebration cake, stage costumes, beach wear and day wear.

Preciosa flatback crystals can also be used for your interior designs, you can apply them to photographs, wallpaper, curtains including net curtains, blinds, lamp shades, scatter cushions, table clothes, napkins, bed linen, bath robes, bath towels and artwork including photos and canvas prints.