ss20 (5mm) Preciosa Hotfix Flatback Crystals

ss20 (5mm) Preciosa Hotfix Flatback Crystals

Wholesale pack of 1440 Preciosa Viva 12 SS20 (5mm) hotfix flatback crystal also known as iron on, rhinestones, gems, sequins or diamantes have a layer of glue on the back which is activated by heat and can be applied to many different surfaces including fabric and paper.

Crystal Parade work with many fashion stylist and wardrobe mistresses, the ss20 is a very popular choice for embellishing dance and stage costumes. The next time you watch Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing on Ice you will spot many costumes embellished in Preciosa or Swarovski hotfix flatback crystals.

These ss20 are also ideal for embellishing evening wear and with Christmas parties around the corner now is a great time for you to add extra sparkle to your party dresses or even a gentlemans tie.

You can use  hotfix crystals upcycle your cloths including  t\'shirts, jeans, jackets, shirts.  Many of our customers will add ss20 hotfix crystals to their prom dresses, wedding dresses, beachwear, dance costumes and handbags.   Some pets like sparkle too, why not add some sparkle to your dogs bandana or collar.

You can also use hotfix crystals for your interior design projects.  Adding hotfix crystals to scatter cushions, wallpaper, bedlinen, curtains, blinds, table linen and lampshades is very popular and can transform the look of any room in your house.

These Preciosa hotfix crystals also known as iron on crystals are applied using heat. There are 3 methods Crystal Parade recommend, heatpress, household iron or hotfix applicator wand.


How to apply Hotfix Crystals using a Kandi Kane Applicator Wand

Applying rhinestones using a Kandi Kane Applicator Wand brings a professional finish to all your customization, you will achieve great results and have fun.

Below is a step by step guide to help you customize your clothing.  With these hotfix crystals and the Kandi Kane Applicator wand can create your own name, design, image or logo.

1. Lay your garment on to a solid surface.

2. Add the correct size applicator tip (same size as the crystal you are using) to your hotfix applicator tool, turn on the hotfix tool and allow it to heat up, this will take 2 - 3 minutes.

3. Place the hotfix crystals you will using shiny side up (not the glue side up) on a plate near to your garment.

4. When the hotfix tool has heated up place the hotfix tip gently on to the top of one of the hotfix crystals. The hotfix crystal will attach itself to the tip within a second or 2.

5. Hold the Kandi Kane Applicator upright (upside down) so you can see the glue on the bottom of the crystal melt, you will see it change colour slightly and bubble, this will take approx 5 seconds for a ss6 - ss10 crystal and slightly longer for the larger crystals, i.e. ss20 take approx 12 seconds.

6. Now gently place the hotfix crystal (whilst it is still in the tip) on to your garment so the glue side touches the garment first, hold for 2 to 5 seconds depending upon the material.

7. Remove the tool away from the garment and you will see that the hotfix crystal is now attached to the garment.

8. Repeat this step until you have completed your design.