Preciosa Flatback Hotfix

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Preciosa Flatback Hotfix

Preciosa Hotfix Flatback crystals, also known as diamantes and rhinestone feature a special low-melting-point adhesive. Their unique Aero-Bubble structure guarantees easy and delicate application on a wide variety of materials from denim to organza.  It is possible to apply Preciosa hotfix crystals with either the Hotfix Kandi Kane (which we sell, please look in our tools and accessories section) a household iron with NO steam and a heatpress.

All Preciosa Hotfix Stones have a special grey interlayer that ensures better adhesion, thereby prolonging their durability in applications even on modern elastic fabrics and therefore making them ideal for dance and sports performance costumes where spandex is used.

If you are a bridal or prom dress designer or a bride wanting to embellish wedding gowns and veils we would recommend the hotfix crystals being applied using the kandi Kane Hotfix applicator wand as it is quick and easy to use and eliminates any worries you may have of glue spilling or dripping onto the most important dress that you will ever wear!  You can apply the hotfix crystals to many fabrics including organza, tuelle, satin, silk, cotton, velvet, crinoline, lycra. 

The Hotfix crystals are ofter using by card manufacturers and card designers as this method of apply the crystals to paper is very quick and no mess.  Wedding Stationery, Greeting Cards and Celebration cards can we embellished with hotfix crystals. If you are unsure of which crystal (hotfix or no hotfix) to use on a surface please get in touch, we also offer a service whereby you send in your chosen fabric and we will carry out tests to see which method of application is the best suited.