Preciosa Crystals

Preciosa Crystals

Preciosa crystals

PRECIOSA crystals are the perfect alternative to SWAROVSKI crystals and can be between 25 - 30% less expensive, we offer a huge colour and size choice, if you need help matching a crystal colour please drop us a line and we will send you samples free of charge..

What are Preciosa crystals?
Preciosa have been glassmaking in the Crystal Valley, Czech Republic for over 470 years, when the first kiln was fired up in 1548. Preciosa introduced the world to Bohemian Crystal and still today their R&D laboratories are constantly developing innovative new products. They are constantly pushing beyond the limits of what is possible with glass and crystal.
Preciosa crystal brilliance is due mainly to its precision cut facets. Preciosa flatback crystals are available in the VIVA12 which as 12 facets and the Maxima which has 15 pristinely cut facets from size ss5 (1.8mm) to ss20 ( 5mm).  SS30 (6mm) through to SS48 (11mm) have 18 facets. The Maxima is a lead-free crystal with amazing sparkle, meets the highest international standards of quality and environmental certification and is an excellent choice over Swarovski crystals.
Preciosa crystals have been seen on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week for several years running, in 2019 designers Czech designer Jiri Kalfar, Area NYC, founded by Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg, Bibhu Mohapatra’s, Christian Cowan and the talented duo, The Blonds added sparkle to the catwalk using Preciosa crystals.
In 2018 Preciosa provided Maxima crystals for StarDance, the Czech version of the BBC´s famous Strictly Come Dancing. Jan Štiller, Commercial Development Director at Preciosa Components explained;  “Our exclusive Chaton Roses Maxima – the most common components used on the dance dresses for StarDance – can reflect 264 unique rays of light and are the most brilliant cut stones of their kind on the global market,”
Kylie Minogue Dazzles the Tour with her Preciosa Golden Crystal Dress designed by the Kolchagov Barba Studio for her ‘Golden’ album tour. 124,000 Preciosa Aurum crystals we applied by a team of 10 couturiers.
Another pop star, who sparkled on the stage with Emerald coloured Preciosa crystals, is Beyoncé. During her On the Run II Tour she performed in a spectacular dress from the French fashion house of Balmain. Beyonce will be appearing again in Preciosa crystal in the not so far future, though this time in another well known designer's cre¬ation.
A 3rd international star who has fallen in love with Preciosa crystals is Gwen Stefani. The former lead singer for No Doubt hosted her Just a Girl show in Las Vegas, adorned in Preciosa crystal.
Preciosa has appeared on many stages, including the musicals Kinky Boots, 42nd Street, Thriller, Shrek, Wizard of Oz along with London’s National Theatre and Royal Opera House, you will see them on Xfactor, Strictly, Dancing on Ice and many other popular TV favourite.

What is the difference between Swarovski and Preciosa Crystals?

Nowadays there is very little difference between a Swarovski and Preciosa crystals.

For many decades Swarovski crystals were perceived to be far superior to Preciosa’s but as Preciosa's and technology in general improved, the differences between the 2 brands became indistinguishable and Preciosa’s price points made the brand extremely competitive in comparison to Swarovski. We have been lead to believe that Swarovski tried to counteract this competition by introducing a 12 facetted flatback crystal but within months Preciosa had delisted their 8 facets and introduced the new 12 facets. In 2004 Swarovski launched the 14 facet Xilion cut calling it “the new generation of brilliance” and the added sparkle from the 14 facets gave that extra bit of sparkle. However, at a distance that additional sparkle of the Swarovski Xilion cut seemed to override the actual colour flash of the crystal so although there was more sparkle, there was impact on the colour coming through, not ideal when performing on the stage or walking on the catwalk.
The next thing to happen was Preciosa launched the Viva12 rhinestone. They modified the cut of the original 12 facet flatback crystal to enhance the sparkle and optically purified the crystal for that extra brilliance. In Crystal Parade’s opinion the Viva12 rhinestones were the most sparkly in the market place whilst still being able to retain that all important colour flash both close up and at a distance. We feel that the Preciosa Viva12 crystals delivers on sparkle, colour and excellent value for money.
Swarovski then launched the Article number 2058 Xilion Enhanced stone in the no hotfix range and Article number 2038 stone in the Hotfix range. Both the no hotfix and hotfix flatback crystals have slightly higher 'tables' (flattops) in the centre top of the stone, giving them the appearance of diamonds more so than they have in the past. This new cut made for a very stunning crystal up close which is, of course, very important if one needs a couture element for occasions such as bridal, prom, catwalk fashion and red-carpet events, including the Oscars and BAFTAs.  
We feel that, apart from the plain Clear Crystal (code 001) where Swarovski's Articles 2058 Xilion Enhanced and 2038 Hotfix are the brightest there is still very little variation from a distance in terms of sparkle & brilliance between the two major brands, with Preciosa Viva12 crystals beating Swarovski at the colour post and offering excellent value for money.