Pave Appliques

Pave Appliques

Our Pave Appliques contain high quality machine cut SS3 flatback crystals set into two appliques. The appliques are an easy to use 6 step application and allows you to apply the stones in one go, rather than individually.  These Appliques are ideal for professional Nail Technician & Nail Art Designers who apply crystals for a profession.  Time is money and this innovative Pave Applique will, for sure, save you time and money!


1. Apply fresh nail polish onto the nails and let it dry completely so that the polish is not tacky to the touch. We would recommend that you use nail polish rather than gel for ease of application.

2. Apply an even layer of brush-on adhesive. Be careful not to flood the cuticle and sidewall area. Allow a little time for the fumes to evaporate from the adhesive layer. We suggest that you gently fan but be sure not to allow the adhesive to dry completely as the crystals will have nothing to adhere to.

3. Peel the Pave appliqué from its backing & center it on the nail, aligning the first row of crystals along the free edge of the nail.

 4. Applying gentle pressure stick the Pave appliqué to the sides of your toe.

5. Using your thumb print, apply even pressure to the Pave appliqué ensuring that the stones are in full contact with the surface of the nail/adhesive. You will require an orangewood stick or similar tool to apply gentle pressure to the crystals near the cuticle & sidewall areas.

6. Beginning at one side of the nail, slowly peel the Pave appliqué away from you. If the crystals are still sticking to the backing, lay the backing back down and press firmly on the stone with the orangewood stick. Repeat this process across the nail as you remove the Pave appliqué backing. No top coat is needed.