Pave Nail Art

Pave Nail Art

NOW IN STOCK! Watch the fantastic video blog below by Sarah R - Nail Art Designs and see how you can add even more sparkle to your crystal nails in an instant!

Introducing the latest trend in crystal nail art, Crystal Parade presents Pave, a must have, do-it-yourself manicure and pedicure application kit. Our range of Pave crystal kits contain genuine Austrian Sun crystals. Austrian Sun is the Pave exclusive premier brand of flatback crystals and have the shine and brilliance of the finest Austrian stones.

Here at Crystal Parade, we are launching the full range of Pave products including manicure and pedicure templates in different designs, nail art stencils, crystals kits, nail stamper, perfecting puffs, loose Austrian Sun crystals and much more!

Pave's unique and innovative manicure kits are perfect for both professional and amateur nail artists and beauty salons looking to introduce a touch of sparkle to their creations. This easy to use kit is designed to apply the crystals to the nail in a one step application using the chosen template, loose crystals and stamper. We have step by step tutorials and handy videos to help you along the way!

All of Pave's crystal kits are available in a variety of gorgeous colours including Clear, AB, Light Siam, Fuchsia, Aquamarine and many more.

How about organising a 'Girls Night In'? Order your Pave Kit and Crystals, put the fizz on ice and turn the music on and you will have a fabulous evening and sparkly manicures/pedicures your night out the following week!

Order yours today!