Shoe Kits

Shoe Kits

Crystallizing your shoes is a great way to add your own personal touch to your footwear. Using our specially designed crystal shoe kits, funk up your footwear and make them sparkle – you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go! Plenty of celebrities have flaunted Swarovski crystals on their feet, so steal the style and crystallize your shoes with these fun crystal shoe kits.

The amount of crystals you’ll need will depend on the type of shoe you are crystallizing and the size of your feet. But don’t worry, we’ve figured it all out for you! Our unique range of shoe kits allow you to customise all your favourite pairs of shoes, from trainers to high heels. This means no matter what the occasion, you can still look dazzling!

Take a look at Crystal Parade’s selection of crystal shoe kits to find the appropriate one. The range includes high heels, flip flops, Converse trainers and Nike trainers. The kits include absolutely everything you will need to complete the embellishing project. Not only will the finished product look amazing, but customising your shoes is fun too.

Alternatively, if you want to customise your shoes with different colours, check our range of Swarovski and Preciosa crystals where you will find a huge selection of colours and sizes. You could add your initials, bling the logo, accentuate a certain aspect of the shoe or just go crazy and embellish the entire shoe!

We supply all the tools and glue you need for your shoe project if you didn't want to purchase the full kit. Crystal Parade recommend using E6000 Glue which is an industrial strength adhesive that is flexible and dries crystal clear. You would also need a tool to pick up your crystals, we have a great selection of Applicator Tools ranging from cost effective to professional.

A popular choice of colours recently has been from the new Swarovski Electric range, these are 6 neon bright colours that glow in the dark under UV lighting! Check out the full range here. Or if you are looking to embellish your shoes in a more cost-effective way, we also have a fantastic range of Preciosa crystals which will look just as good for a fraction of the cost!