Irish Dance Dress Crystals

Irish Dance Dress Crystals

In this catergory of 'Crystals for Irish Dance Costumes' we have put together the top 100 must haves when crystallizing your Irish Dance Costumes, including boys waist coats and your Headbands/tiaras.

The most popular size used to crystallize, as known as embellishing, your Irish Dance Costume is the SS34 (7mm) crystal in either Swarovski or Preciosa crystals.   

Due to the size of the crystals used on Irish Dance costumes we recommend using the NO hot version of crystals, these are also called foiled back, non hotifx or glue on crystals.   The crystals have a foiled backing which is designed by Swarovski  and Preciosa to be glued on with your preferred method.  Some Irish Dance designers will use hot melt glue guns, others will use E6000 or Gem Tac.   The hot glue method can be very messy, it dries instantly (no room for error) it is also VERY hot and there is always that small chance of you burning yourself or your dress, its not portable either.  Here at Crystal Parade we like to use the Gem Tac glue as it dries crystal clear, doesnt dry immediately, so if you change your mind you can swap the colour or your crystals about of apply a different sized crystal on top.  A tube of Gem Tac is portable and therefore handy if you decide to add crystals to your dress at the competition venue or if a crystal decides to ping off an hour before you are to go onto the stage to compete! Gem Tac is odour free and very easy to use.   E6000 is also very good for applying your crystals to your Irish Dance Costumes and in particular the larger stones, i.e. 28mm peardrop but also applying the crystals to your buckles, tiaras and headbands.

Other sizes used to embellish/crystallize Irish Dance Costumes is the SS30 (6mm), SS40 (8.5mm and the SS48 (11mm), we are also seeing a trend of crystallizing the sleeves of Irish Dance Dreses with ss20 (5mm).  The SS20 is also popular when adding a touch of sparkle to your Irish Dance Socks.   We would not recommend you using anything smaller than an SS20 (5mm) crystal on your dance costume.    Sizes SS16 (4mm) are often used on  Ballroom dance costumes, Ice Skating Costumes, Freestyle Dance Costumes, Cheerleading, and theatrical costumes.   SS12 (3.8mm) are used mainly for craft projects including wedding stationery and greeting cards.  Once you get to size SS10 (3mm) or below you are looking at tiny crystals which are not suitable for Irish Dance costumers, these smaller crystals are used for nail art, fine art work, decorating mobile phones and more details craft projects including parchment craft.

It is also very popular to crystallize Irish Dance Costumes with the large Swarovski and Preciosa Sew on Stones, a firm favourite the large 28mm Peardrop sew on stone.   Although it is named a sewon stone many dress makers glue the peardrops onto the Irish Dance Costumes.  there are 2 holes on the sew on stones and it is possible to sew them to your costume using a matching thread.   When decorating headbands the peardrops are used with a large 28mm peardrop as the focal crystals and the smaller 18mm peardrop either side of the larger 28mm.  The large 28mm are available in several colours but the most popular colour is the AB (Aroura Borialis) also know as the Northern Lights.  The AB coating picks up the colours of the dress fabric giving you hues of pinks, blues, yellows and golds.   Swarovski produce the large 3230 peardrops in some fabulous colours including Light Siam, Light Turquoise, Clear, AB, Light Topaz, Graphite, Silver Night, Golden Shadow and recently they have introduced the Shimmer range of colours.

When choosing your crystals for your dress we know if can be a bit of a mind field. Your dress maker will know which crystal colours they used on your dress, if you are not able to obtain this information, please dont worry, Crystal Parade can help you to match your crystals.  In the first instance we would ask you to email across a picture of the dress and crystals, if we are not 100% sure we can send you samples, free of charge, or you can send us the crystals and we will match them up for you.