Zodiac Crystals

Zodiac Crystals
Zodiac, the new crystal brand by Crystal Parade
Excellent quality Hotfix, No hotfix Crystals and sew on stones and crystals from Crystal Parade, after months and month of research, testing and trialing we believe we have found a fantastic alternative to the Swarovski xirius flatback crystals, they have 16 facets, the same as Swarovski and are ideal for crystallizing your dance costumes, nail art, peformance, fancy dress and festival outfits gas well as home furnishings and craft projects. You will also find large flatback shapes without holes, we have had these shapes manufactured because our customers asked for them as the majority of our customers glue there large flatback shapes to their costumes, shoes and accessories.   You will also find our 5* sew on crystals, the quality is excellent and the price a fraction of what you would pay for a Swarvoski sew on crystals.. If you would like a free sample to trial please drop us a message to [email protected]
Product Item:2088
Category : A1 2088 style (8 + 8 cut) HF and No hotfix Rhinestones
Grade : 16 cut facets AAAA hotfix and no hotfix rhinestones
  • Material: Glass 2088 hot fix strass
  • Sizes:Full Top quality hotfix rhinestones SS16 (4mm) and SS20 (5mm)
  • Product Manual:Our factory in China produce this 2088 style 16 cut facets hot fix rhinestones. They are top quality hot fix strass quality.
  • Apply using hotfix wand or heat press, it is also possible to glue these crystals to your garments.
  • Ideal for applying to your dance costumes, swim wear, dance wear, prom dress, wedding dress, shoes, costumes, hat, interior designs, cloth, bags, craft projects and greeting cards.

NEW Imitation Austrian Intensive glue Hot Fix Stones. Our factory is the 1st  in the China market who are producing the new designed 2088 cut (8+8) rhinestones. The pattern of the cuts give you the star similar to the Swaorvski Xirius cut, 2088 and 2078.

Rhinestones Technique: Hot Fix rhinestones (Heat Intensive Glue on Backs)  The glue on the back of the crystal is activated by heat from a heat press or hotfix applicator wand.  You can also glue these crystals to your garments using your preferred glue, i.e. E6000, Grab 360, Gem Tac, all available from Crystal Parade.

How can I make my dance costume stand out?

The easiest way to totally transform a costume is With Rhinestones from Crystal Parade!  Rhinestones also know as flatbacks, diamantes and gems will add the perfect finishing touch and make a simple costume look stunning!  

Admittedly applying flatback crystals to you costumes can be time consuming and can often be the most expensive part of your dance costume, performance costume, irish dance dress, gymnastics leotard and skating dress but you can save money and get creative and do it yourself  

Feature:Extremely Shiny. High index of refraction!!!
No Bubbles,dazzling brightness, strong glue, clear edge & corner, machine cut, high index of refraction
Product Advantages:
A.Diamond drill machine cut, 16 facets evenly distributed,cutting technology skills.
B.Using the German low temperature glue, easy iron, strong adhesion.
C.Pure crystal, uniform particles integrity, consistent quality giving fewer defects.