Crystal Nail Art Kits

Crystal Nail Art Kits

Crystal manicure and pedicures are now becoming popular all year round especially on those special occasions; Weddings, Christmas Parties, Summer Holidays, Anniversaries, Girls Night Out.

You can create many stunning crystal nail art designs using a myriad of colours and sizes.  If you are looking for a fresh Springtime look be sure to check out our exclusive Sherbet Mix with its mix of pastel tones or if you are wanting to create a cheerful mix of Summertime shades then our Rainbow Mix is an ideal choice.  If love is in the air then be sure to stock up on our Valentines Mix with pretty pinks and racey reds!

Crystal nail art designs are once again set to be the latest trend to hit the fashion scene and beauty salons worldwide. Nail enthusiasts are now personalising their nails using the latest catwalk colours and swarovski crystals to create striking works of art.  Here at Crystal Parade, we've put together our most popular colour ranges together with our Swarovski Crystal Nail Art Kit to help you add that touch of Hollywood glamour to your own sparkly crystal manicures. 

Whether you are a beginner or having a girls night in, our Crystal Nail Art Kit gives you everything you need to get started; Swarovski Crystals, Nail Glue, False Nail Tips, Storage Pots and Tweezers.  Simply choose your favourite Swarovski Crystals from our experts selection below:


 This year, thanks to Gina Silvestro, Swarovski Ambassador,  the Nail Art trend is to create a crystal manicure using multiple shapes, colours and sizes, known as the ‘rockery’ effect.  Here at Crystal Parade we have many different shapes for you to incorporate into your crystal nail art designs including butterflies, love hearts, teardrops, squares, pointed ovals and triangles. Let your creativity go wild!


Above design created by the talentedGina Silvestro                         Right: Gina Silvestro, Swarovski Ambassador             

Here are 2 application methods to create your own sparkly crystal nail art manicure or pedicure.

Gluing Method

  1. Add a small amount of nail glue to a toothpick and place on the polished nail where you would like the crystal to be placed.
  2. Pick up the Preciosa or Swarovski Flatback No Hotfi with a Crystal Katana, Jewel Setter or tweezers and place on the glue on the nail. Continue to apply glue and crystals (rhinestones) to create the sparkly design of your choice.
  3. Using a thin detailing brush, apply a small amount of top coat around the base of the crystals to seal.





The Crystal Katana, used by nail technians worldwide!

Gel Polish Method

  1. Once you have applied the gel colour of your choice apply the gel top coat to your nail.
  2. Pick up your chosen crystals with a Crystal Katana, Jewel Setter or tweezers and apply to the uncured top coat in the design of your choice.
  3. Cure the nail under the UV light to set the top coat and Preciosa or Swarovski crystals and repeat.
  4. Using a detailing brush, apply a small amout of top and seal the edges of the crystals (rhinestones). Cure under the UV light. Follow gel polish instructions to complete your crystal manicure or pedicure.


A Crystal Manicure and Pedicure                                       A Crystal Manicure using a combination of different sized clear crystals


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