Crystal Converse Kits

Crystal Converse Kits

CONVERSE Swarovski Elements Converse 'Bling' Kit.

Here’s a new way to get a great new look this Summer that involves Converse trainers but doesn’t involve flogging yourself down the gym or going for a run in damp, sub-zero temperatures – hurrah!

They’ve been with you through thick and thin – from grim Monday mornings travelling to work, to buzzing Saturday nights down the local – and now’s your chance to give your trusty Cons a cool new look for 2014.

Crystal Parade have put together this fabulous Converse Bling Kit to enable you to add sparkle to your Converse Shoes and Converse trainers toe caps.  Each Converse Bling Kit has EVERYTHING you require to add Swarovski sparkle to your Converse Trainers and Shoes including Swarovski crystals, glue, jewel setter, alcohol wipe, sandpaper and informative step by step instructions “How to Crystalize your Converse Shoes”.

We are sure your friends will be drooling with envy when they spot those shiny new Converse shoes of yours that leave theirs in the shade. Pumping up your kicks has never felt so good.

Are you getting married and planning to dance the night away with sparkle in your step!  This Converse Bling Kit will enable you to add Swarovski sparkle and dance in style wearing comfy but glamorous Crystallized Converse Shoes.

You can also add sparkle to your Nike Ticks, heels of your shoes, Nike High Tops, Vans, UGG Boots, Bridal Shoes, dance shoes and pumps using E6000 glue and Preciosa or Swarovski flatback no hotfix crystals.

If you have any questions or need a little guidance please do not hesitate to call us.

What you will need:

  1. Swarovski flatback crystals in non-hotfix.
  2. Blue Jewel setter: This is a small plastic stick with a plyable wax bud at one end and a pointed tip on the opposite end.  The Jewel Setter enables you to pick up the flatback crystals quickly and easily.
  3. Sand Paper / Emery board: You will either require a small piece of fine sandpaper (available from a hardware store) or an emery board. If the surface is smooth and left with the manufacturers shine it will not enable good/quality bonding.
  4. E6000 adhesive: This is an industrial strength craft adhesive which is very strong, flexible, waterproof and clear in colour. It is advisable that you use E6000 in a well-ventilated area with a mask for protection from any fumes.
  5. Piece of cotton cloth / hanky: We recommend you use a cotton cloth as it does not leave fibers behind when you wipe a surface.
  6. Cocktail stick: Small wooden stick used for culinary purposes.
  7. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)/surgical spirit: Used for degreasing a surface by removing any traces of oil and grease and dries very quickly.
  8. Converse boots / trainers / shoes: To crystallize.


  1. Place the Swarovski crystals on a piece of paper, faceted side (shiny side) face up. (TIP: if you shake the paper gently you will find that the majority of crystals flip themselves over).
  2. Take your Converse shoe and give the rubber toe surface a sufficient rub with the sand paper / emery board to remove the smooth surface.
  3. Wipe the rubbery powder from the toe with the cotton cloth.
  4. With the clean and dust free cotton cloth, clean the surface of the toes with some Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to remove any grease, oil or dust.  The fluid will dry very quickly and leave no residue.
  5. Once the surface has been prepared it will provide a much better platform for the adhesive to bond with.

Placing the crystals:

  1. Carefully select and plan where you want to place your crystals on the toe area of the shoe.   (NB: Your kit contains enough crystals to cover the toe area of the shoe.)  Using the opposite end of the blue jewel setter (NOT the wax end) apply enough E6000 glue sufficient to add half a row of non-hotfix crystals. Apply from the fabric end of the Converse to the tip of the toe.  If you apply too much E6000 it will dry before the crystals are added, it is advisable to add the E6000 in stages, especially if it is your first time crystallizing footwear.
  2. Gently touch the top of a crystal (shiny side up) with the wax bud of the blue jewel setter to pick up a crystal (be sure not to press too hard when picking up the crystal to eliminate the crystal becoming embedded in the wax). With the crystal selected, place it in the corner point of the prepared / glued surface (do not press the crystal too hard on to the glue; a gentle touch is all that is required).
  3. With the cocktail stick press the crystal firmly into the E6000 and position the crystal to continue a row of crystals around the outer edge of the toe.
  4. Continue this process adding the crystals onto the adhesive with the blue jewel setter and then pressing them into the E6000 glue with the cocktail stick. (Add four or five crystals at a time, then position with the cocktail stick).
  5. Once the crystals reach the top of the toe, apply E6000 glue to the other half of the toe edge to complete the first row of crystals.
  6. Next apply E6000 glue to the top straight edge of the toe (edge closest to the fabric) and place your crystals across to enable you to have all of the outer edge applied with crystals.
  7. Continue adding curved rows of crystals until the surface is completely covered.
  8. Once the surface of the Converse toe is completely covered, the crystals may appear dull in appearance, don’t worry this is because the blue jewel setter leaves a slight residue of wax on the surface of the crystals and can be removed an hour later.
  9. Repeat the process with the other Converse boot / shoe. When both Converse toes have been completely crystallized, leave them to dry for 45 - 60 minutes.
  10. With the cotton cloth polish the crystals to remove any waxy residue from the surface of the crystals, continue the process until the crystals are sparkling.  When polishing the crystals you may find a crystal(s) will be loose, don’t worry if any crystals do become loose, all you will need to do is apply a small dab of E6000 on to the back of the crystal and place it back into position.
  11. It is recommended that you do not wear your sparkling Swarovski Converse footwear for 24 – 48 hours to enable the E6000 to fully cure (dry).

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