Pacelli (Primp My Costume) –
This month we are celebrating the Pride protest and have
been speaking with successful LGBTQ milliner Christopher Garner. Having
also worked as drag artiste Madame Mumu, Chris has moved to create award
winning collections of luxurious handmade headwear and today shares tips from
both worlds.

  1. Chris you are fast becoming my most
    famous friend, being featured in Vogue, having both celebrities sporting your
    headwear annually at Royal Ascot and more recently, with Autumn Phillips
    sporting one of your pieces on the balcony for Trooping of the Colour. I’m so
    proud of how far you’ve come from our first backstage conversations all those
    years back, where you’d share with me how nervous you were to quit your job in
    Harrods to pursue your millinery dreams! We’re going to start with some
    questions regarding your fabulous on-stage career. When you began performing in
    drag, was there a particular costume item that you desperately wanted and do
    you own one yet?

The short answer would be that I'm a perfectionist
so not yet! When I first
started performing in drag I didn't want a costume, I wanted to be able to make
my own. I am still not there with creating my own patterns but I have had fun.
I’ve included a photo with an example of a dress that I created to perform in.

  • I’ve always been impressed with the
    fact you managed to create a new outfit every single week. I’ve still got
    costumes that are over 10 years old (a lot of Febreeze...) You’ve performed
    alongside a lot of burlesque dancers. Have you seen a costume that has really
    impressed you? Care to share?

There are two costumes that I really admire but for
different reasons. One is from Amber Topaz and the other is Jeanie Wishes. My
favourite costume of Amber Topaz's is a black structured teddy (corseted) with
the most gorgeous silver trimmings on the front. The moment she puts it on you
can tell she’s in control and ready to perform and perform she does. Jeanie
Wishes owns a blue Catherine D'Lish gown, which she wears so well with blue
jewelled lingerie and bright red stockings, boa and then her glam hair. For me,
she just looks so beautiful and feminine in it. I suppose a Catherine D'Lish
gown would be a costume I have always wanted but don't have.

  • If I had a D’lish gown, I think I’d
    wear it at every opportunity. Doing the ironing, popping to Poundland for
    toilet roll, that kind of thing. Moving on to your new ventures. Now that
    you’ve built your own successful millinery company, have you had any unusual
    requests for particular pieces from clients?

The unusual requests have always been there, from a
bear eating a fish hat, a hat that can stay on the head whilst the dancer split
leaps across the stage to a hat that collapses and becomes two. But, for me,
the most unusual are the people who ask for it for free.

  • Holler. Bet they said it’d be “great
    exposure”. On another note, I need a bear eating a fish hat immediately. I love
    browsing your website and looking at your imaginative creations. I especially
    love the set of pieces you made by recycling old hats. What has inspired your
    latest collection?

My latest mood has been inspired by Pride. As I
become older I feel like I need to be more of an activist and supporter of my

  • The Pride Halo design that you have
    is so gorgeous. I think I spotted it on ITV’s Charlotte Hawkins at London
    Pride. Have you noticed any celebrities that really get it right with their headwear?

This a tough one as I see a lot that get it wrong.
Every time I see Carmen Dell-Orefice in a hat, I think she looks absolutely
breath-taking. She is lucky to have the perfect face to wear virtually any hat.
I doubt I will ever have the pleasure to dress her head but that would be
(excuse my French) f***ing awesome! Another would be Francesca Cumani. She is
an absolute goddess! The other photo I’ve included shows her wearing a hat I’ve
created for her.  There's also Kerry
Washington, who really wears that hat and doesn't let it wear her. Finally, dare
I say it but Melania...I can't write her surname...wears a hat very

so much Chris. If anyone is in need of a wedding hat, Julian Garner Headwear is
definitely worth a look!

@JulianGarnerHeadwear/ visit  for details on new collections

Interview by Charlotte Pacelli (Liberty

- Director of costume makeover service
@primpmycostume (IG/ Twitter/ Facebook) / co-founder of London’s leading
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