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Get Your Irish Dancing Outfit Ready To Dazzle!

Fashion and trends change with each season, however, what remains unchanged and thus unique are t... Read More

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Glitz and Glam: Interview With a UK Burlesque Dancer

When I began performing on the UK Burlesque circuit in 2006, a love ... Read More

Transform Your Irish Dance Costume

Having a show stopping dress is really important in Irish dance, especially when performing a solo. ... Read More

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Strictly Beats X Factor in the Ratings War!

The popularity of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is soaring this year, as it continues to beat ri... Read More

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Timeless Dance Costumes

Dance is constantly evolving, and it seems as though each decade has its own iconic dance style. Fro... Read More

Top Irish Dancing Moments of All Time

Irish dancing season is back – and to celebrate we just had to share some of these amazing moments... Read More

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5 Things Real Life Dance Moms Want You to Know

The term ‘Dance Moms’ is thrown about frequently now, thanks to the hit US TV show which follows... Read More

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The Worst Ever Dance Costumes

Dancers of all genres often sport some wonderful, stunning and eccentric ensembles on stage. Ballroo... Read More

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British Cheerleading Teams Head To Croatia For ECC2015

This month, the world of cheer will be buzzing with anticipation in the run up to the European Champ... Read More

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Top Dancewear Trends 2015

Whether it’s tiny tots learning to tap, teens trying their hand at ballet or full-grown adults doi... Read More

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