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Crystal Tumblers That Shine!

I started off my business with a custom bridal shoe and accessories shop but always wanted to bra... Read More

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Craft Storage - Storing Your Sparkle

I have never met a crystal I don’t like and I honestly wish I could have more. I am such a magp... Read More

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Crystals, Hats, and Studio Life

I remember the first week of my new found freedom and crazy amount of time after I left my career... Read More

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Rhinestone Tips for Busy Hands!

Today's blog comes from Jenny, an amateur burlesque performer, p... Read More

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Best Tools For Applying Non-Hotfix Flatback Crystals

Crafts with crystals take many shapes and sizes, so there’s a range of tools available to help mak... Read More

How to Perfect Lettering with Crystals and E6000 Glue

For many crystallizing projects, especially gifts, you may wish to write something in crystals such ... Read More

How to Start Your Own Craft Business

Turning your creative hobby into a business can be a way to make a little extra money and have a bet... Read More

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4 Must Have Tools for Crystallizing

We all love crystallizing, but sometimes even for experienced crystallizers and craft addicts certai... Read More

What to Look For in a Creative Supplier

Whatever you require a creative supplier for, whether it’s to supply a costume department with the... Read More

Interior Design Craft Projects for Rainy Days

Winter is closing in, and undoubtedly that means quite a few cold, rainy days are instore. If you’... Read More

Top Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is fast approaching, and for a lot of families that means two whole weeks off school. Once th... Read More

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