Card Making

Card Making

Cardmaking is the craft of hand making greeting card either from scratch or with the use of templates and bases. 

Whether you are 3 or a 103 and whatever craft skill you have you can enjoy the art of cardmaking, it is a very popular craft hobby in many parts of the world especially during the Christmas season when it is traditional to send greeting cards with seasonal greeting and personal messages.   

To start cardmaking you require a few essentials, a base or cardstock.  All you have to do is fold the card in half and decorate with different elements by stamping, painting, and decorating with photos, colourful papers, ribbons, stickers, photographs, glitter and other small items including crystals, brads, buttons etc.

When making cards, people try to keep them within a standard size for mailing so they will fit into envelopes, we have many different sized cards and envelopes.

Customised cards designed and created  may be made with a specific person in mind or can be made to sell at local craft fairs and markets.  

There are many occasions where a card is given, including celebration of a birthday, wedding, anniversary, engagement, passing driving test, congratulations, new home, new born, retirment, Christmas and Valentines.

If you are looking for a new crafting hobby cardmaking could be for you.  You will find local classes through a community center, to get familiar with the techniques and learn about common sources of supplies. There are many books or browse cardmaking online to find tutorials and video. November and December are often a good time to find classes, as people are usually gearing up to send out presents for the Christmas holiday and your local raft stores often take advantage of this by providing opportunities (sometime free) to learn about handmade crafts.



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