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Top 3 Irish Dance Costume Trends of the Moment

The Irish dance scene is a thriving hotbed of liveliness and excitement and the costumes should reflect that. Fortunately Irish dance has always drawn innovative new trends to incorporate into the costumes which is why we’ve selected some of the best. Fancy jazzing up your dance outfit? Consider some of these contemporary trends which are being flaunted at competitions worldwide.

Top 5 Strictly Costumes 2014

This series of Strictly Come Dancing has been more exciting than ever, as a new team of celebrities try their hand at ballroom dancing for the nation. While we love watching the waltz and fantasising at the foxtrot, we can’t help being totally amazed by the dazzling costumes every single week. There has also been some interesting costume controversies already this season – Alison Hammond had a hilarious wardrobe malfunction during the American Smooth on Halloween week, and Ola Jordan (one of the professional dancers) has spoken out about the costumes becoming too skimpy to please producers.

The History of Irish Dancing

Irish dance has a long and intricate history and remains hugely popular today with all ages. With Riverdance about to launch its UK 20th anniversary tour, we thought we’d delve into the origins of the Celtic dance of the Emerald Isle.

How to… Make a DIY Dance Costume

When rehearsing for a big competition or performance, it’s important to think about the costume design right from the start. What the choreographer or director imagines in their head may change over time as the piece develops, and may also change to become more practical for the dancers. But it’s important to have some sort of idea, as all the elements of a dance performance combine to create the overall sentiment and represent the idea behind the choreography.

Top Tips for Taking the Trophy at a Dance Competition

Dance competitions can be great fun for all ages, but let’s face it: you go there to win! Dance academies, theatre schools and community groups up and down the country train long and hard to perfect competition routines in the aim of taking the trophy. But does it just come down to the performance of the group – what else can you do to make sure you’re crowned number one at a dance competition? Whether it’s disco, ballroom, cheerleading or an Irish dance competition, there are certain things you can always do to rise above the rivals – here’s our top tips!

Crystal Parade Team up with Jewellery Maker Linda Jones

We’d like to announce our new collaboration with Linda Jones, a UK based jewellery designer specialising in wire jewellery. Linda Jones is an established household name in the creative jewellery world, as she has also published books and runs workshops teaching wire and beaded jewellery design and creation.

How to….Become a Professional Card Maker

Handmade cards are a fantastic way to mark any special occasion. From birthdays and graduations to weddings and anniversaries, the unique designs and special efforts are sure to impress any recipient. If you love to make handmade cards or are thinking of trying your hand at getting crafty, why not consider turning your hobby into a full time business? After all, there is always going to be a market for greeting cards! To help you kick-start your new handmade card making company, we’ve put together this collection of top tips on how everyday card makers can turn their hobby into a lucrative business.

Simple Scrapbooking: 5 Top Tips

If you’ve got a little spare time on your hands, scrapbooking is a fantastic hobby to take up. Whether you want to put your treasured memories on show or create a handmade gift for a special friend, scrapbooking is a great way to indulge your imagination and creativity.

How to Decoupage

The latest hot trend to sweep the crafting world off of its feet is decoupage. The tricky tongue twister is really not all that complicated and is set to give crafters a new lease of life as they get to grips with the ultra unique traditional art that has received an innovative modern day makeover. Decoupage is the art of decorating various objects with artful paper cut-outs. Highly similar to papier-mâché, but a little more glam, ‘decouper’ in French translates to ‘cut out.’ Simply put, crafters cut out photographs or paper, glue them to items and secure them with a varnish or finish to create a slick, professional painted-on look.

Find Out More About Our Exciting Current Projects

Here at Crystal Parade we have been incredibly busy over the past few months, providing our high quality Swarovski and Preciosa crystals to a number of prestigious projects. Our crystals have been seen on celebrity dresses, featured in pieces of art, used for high end interior design and will soon be seen in high street window dressings! Read on for more information on the exciting projects we are currently involved in.

Get to know more about our dazzling range of PRECIOSA crystals

The latest bedazzling stones to ensnare the hearts of creative and crafty individuals are PRECIOSA crystals, which are an affordable alternative to other brands. These gorgeous Czech crystals are wildly popular worldwide and are sweeping the UK handicraft market up into a storm.

Easy Ways to Entertain the Kids with Craft Activities

It’s that time of year hundreds of parents often dread – the long and tiresome school summer holidays. Mums, Dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles and siblings across the nation have six long weeks of entertaining to do, and can understandably find themselves at wit’s end by the end of week one!

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