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The World’s Most Expensive Crystals

Some gemstones are more expensive than others – this is mostly down to how rare and precious the s... Read More

How Are Preciosa and Swarovski Crystals Made?

Crystal has a long history of enchanting people, and our ancestors used natural crystal for a number... Read More

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Dance Costumes Through Time

Dance is constantly evolving, and it seems as though each decade has its own iconic dance style. Fro... Read More

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[Infographic] A - Z of Crystallizing

As crystal lovers, we love learning more about crystals and anything relevant. So, we created an art... Read More

How to Make a Crystal Skull for Halloween

Halloween isn’t far away, which means one thing: it’s time to get spooky! The freaky celebration... Read More

What Do You Want to Make? Crystal Parade TV Competition

If you haven’t already heard, here at Crystal Parade we’ve been very busy filming lots of videos... Read More

Interior Design Craft Projects for Rainy Days

Winter is closing in, and undoubtedly that means quite a few cold, rainy days are instore. If you’... Read More

We Make the West End Production of Kinky Boots Shimmer!

It’s been a busy summer full of thrilling projects at Crystal Parade. Not only have we been involv... Read More

Top Irish Dancing Moments of All Time

Irish dancing season is back – and to celebrate we just had to share some of these amazing moments... Read More

Crystal Parade Works with Madame Tussauds for Waxwork of Queen Elizabeth

The Crystal Parade team have been involved in a secret project all summer - and we're so glad we can... Read More

Blog & Swarovski News
The History of Crystals

Many of us enjoy the use of crystals in our everyday lives – whether it’s Swarovski crystal elem... Read More

A- Z of Crystallizing

We love all things crystallizing, and know that many of our readers do too. So we’ve been thinking... Read More

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