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A- Z of Crystallizing

We love all things crystallizing, and know that many of our readers do too. So we’ve been thinking long and hard all week, coming up with our exclusive A-Z of crystallizing and embellishing. From the technical tools you need to create a crystallized masterpiece, to some of the incredible things you can make with a few crystals and a bit of creativity. Read on for our alphabet featuring everything sparkly – and please let us know if you can think of any more words to go with each letter!

The Best Notting Hill Carnival Costumes

The Notting Hill Carnival is just around the corner, and we’re getting rather excited in the Crystal Parade office. The annual event is the biggest party in London, and one of the largest street carnivals in the world. Celebrating all things West Indian, the Caribbean culture really brings the streets of London alive every August bank holiday weekend.

The Most Stunning Blingy Wedding Dresses You’ll Ever See

If there’s any day you are entitled to douse yourself in crystals, it’s your wedding day! Bridal dresses are intricate and beautiful, and so many dress designers are now using Swarovski crystals on their designs – much to our delight! The team at Crystal Parade have scoured the bridal runways for some of the most beautiful, blinged up wedding dresses we can find. Here’s a nice selection for you to flick through and dream about!

Top Gadgets to Crystallize

When it comes to embellishing, the experts here at Crystal Parade have seen it all! We have so much technology around us these days, but don’t you think it looks rather dull and boring? Most laptops are black and grey, as are tablets, phones and cameras. Brighten up your belongings with a bit of bling!

How to Ace Wedding Season as the Best Dressed

Many people will be attending at least one wedding over the summer, so how do you make sure your outfit stands out from the crowd? Everybody wants to look their best at a wedding – after all, those photographs are going to be looked back on for years to come. Whether you are attending as part of the bridal party or as a plus one, you want to make that extra special effort to look good on someone’s big day.

The Controversy Surrounding ‘Blinging Up Baby’

Channel 5’s reality show ‘Blinging Up Baby’ has divided a nation, with many viewers outraged and appalled at how some people are dressing their babies and toddlers. The first one-off documentary, aired last year, sparked an Ofcom investigation into the welfare of the children involved during filming. Obviously here at Crystal Parade we love a bit of bling. We often recommend a range of fashion accessories and items to embellish with crystals and diamantes, but a child has never been included in those suggestions! How young is too young when it comes to glamour and sparkle? Are these mums using their children as fashion statements, forcing fake tans and over the top outfits on them? We’re not one to judge - and of course there is nothing wrong with blinging up babygear – but perhaps this TV show went a bit too far? Here is a round up of some of the most controversial moments.

5 Things Real Life Dance Moms Want You to Know

The term ‘Dance Moms’ is thrown about frequently now, thanks to the hit US TV show which follows a group of young dancers at a prestigious dance school and their pushy parents. This has caused some stereotypes to emerge of real life Dance Moms, but what are they really like? Read on for the five things real life Dance Moms want other people to know.

The Worst Ever Dance Costumes

Dancers of all genres often sport some wonderful, stunning and eccentric ensembles on stage. Ballroom and Latin is perhaps where you’ll find some of the most glamorous costumes, but of course Irish dancing and jazz or musical productions also offer extravagant dance fabrics and eye catching costumes.

Top 4 Wedding Fails

A wedding is meant to be the biggest day of your life, where you commit to the person you’ll spend eternity with. Everything is meant to go smoothly, according to plan, and every last little detail is expected to be perfect. Except, quite a lot of the time, the task proves too difficult. With so much to organise, and a lot of the jobs outsourced to wedding planners, suppliers and caterers, most couples have little control over their day. If you think your dress is invincible and there’s no possible way your DIY invites could be anything less than perfect, think again. Here’s what happens when weddings go terribly wrong…(bridezillas, take note!)

Get Bikini Ready with Blinging Accessories for Summer

Summer is here which can only mean one thing – it’s time to sparkle in the glorious sunshine. Summer is the perfect season to get blinged up from head to toe, whether it’s for a special party or wedding or that holiday you’ve been dreaming about all year. Read on for Crystal Parade’s easy tips to make sure all your accessories are ready to flaunt and get you noticed, from the beach to Wimbledon courtside.

British Cheerleading Teams Head to Croatia for ECC2015

This month, the world of cheer will be buzzing with anticipation in the run up to the European Championships. This year the European Cheerleading Championships (#ECC2015) will be held in Zadar, Croatia, and the competition will welcome winning teams from countries all over the continent.

Madonna is a PRECIOSA fan!

The Queen of Pop herself Madonna has given our top stockist Preciosa an amazing endorsement – by wearing a glamorous corset in her new music video, adorned with thousands of precision-cut Preciosa crystals.

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