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The Strangest Things you can Crystallize with Flatback Swarovski Crystals

m clothing and accessories to the soft furnishings around your home, you can add Swarovski crystals to anything! However, we’re sure that we can think of a few things that you haven’t tried embellishing yet. While this list is in no means extensive or an ‘ultimate list’ of what you can crystallize, we’ve got a little creative so you can try something new.

The Ultimate Crystal Glossary

Are you confused about the various crystallizing terms? Can’t tell your hotfix from a hot mess? It can seem like a different language sometimes! Crystal Parade are on hand with this crystal glossary to help you out. Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you have any more questions or you don’t understand any of our products.

How to Start Your Own Craft Business

Turning your creative hobby into a business can be a way to make a little extra money and have a better work/life balance. But it isn’t just as simple as deciding to sell your makes – you need a clear plan and vision from the start and a desire to really create a profitable business. If you think 2016 is the year you need a new challenge and could make a good creative entrepreneur, here are our top tips.

4 Must Have Tools for Crystallizing

We all love crystallizing, but sometimes even for experienced crystallizers and craft addicts certain projects can seem tedious and time consuming. Whether you are covering an entire shoe in crystals or applying a technical nail design, professional tools can make the job easier and they’ll help get the job done much faster. Here at Crystal Parade we wouldn’t dream of attempting any of our projects without these tools by our side. Here’s our list of must have tools for crystallizing:

Reasons to Try Ice Skating in 2016

The festive season is the perfect time of year to try your balance on the ice, with temporary ice rinks popping up all over the nation. While it’s fun to get our skates on and take in the romantic sights on the outdoor rinks, have you ever considered actually learning how to skate properly? Ice skating is a professional sport, and as you’ll probably know if you’ve ever wobbled around the ice, it’s very difficult. If you’re looking for an interesting challenge in 2016, figure skating could be it. Need some more motivation to give it a go? Here are Crystal Parade’s top reasons.

What to Look For in a Creative Supplier

Whatever you require a creative supplier for, whether it’s to supply a costume department with theatrical fabrics and crystals, or to assist with the interior design of a new building, it’s important to choose a reliable company. Creative partnerships will only work if both parties understand the project fully and the role they will play in it. If you’re looking for a new creative supplier for your business or a one off project, here are a few tips.

Party Season Sparkles

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – which means it’s time to sparkle! With a festive period overflowing with Christmas and New Year parties, work dos and festive days out, there is no better time of year to get your bling on. From sparkly shoes and bags to mastering your own Christmas crystallized nails, we’ve got everything you need to make sure you shine like the star on top of the tree this party season.

Strictly Beats X Factor in the Ratings War!

The popularity of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is soaring this year, as it continues to beat rival The X Factor. The ballroom spectacular has been consistently drawing in more viewers week on week, and last weekend had a peak audience of 11.4 million – while The X Factor lagged behind with 7.4 million viewers. And the show’s success doesn’t stop there – not only is Strictly beating its direct talent show rival, the Sunday rating battle also seen the dance show overtake the brand new series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! The results show pulled in a peak of 11.2 million while Ant and Dec managed to draw in 11.1 million viewers.

The World’s Most Expensive Crystals

Some gemstones are more expensive than others – this is mostly down to how rare and precious the stone is, and then its purity. If they are difficult to mine then this can also increase the market value of crystals and gems. Here are some of the most sought after, in-demand gemstones on the planet – could you afford these prices? They’re a bit too steep for the team here at Crystal Parade, we’ll stick to our manmade Swarovski crystals which are just as dazzling and beautiful.

How Are Preciosa and Swarovski Crystals Made?

Crystal has a long history of enchanting people, and our ancestors used natural crystal for a number of healing and spiritual purposes. Some people still believe in the natural healing qualities of crystals – in fact celebrities such as Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry are disciples of healing crystals. But how are Swarovski and Preciosa crystals and crystal elements different from healing crystals and how are they mass produced? Read on to find out.

Dance Costumes Through Time

Dance is constantly evolving, and it seems as though each decade has its own iconic dance style. From the glamour of the 1920s to the all-out audacious and artistic creations worn by popstars and backing dancers in the 2000s, dance costumes also transform through time. Take a look at Crystal Parade’s timeline of dance costumes, featuring all of the trends and crazes which represent the social dances of bygone eras.

[Infographic] A - Z of Crystallizing

As crystal lovers, we love learning more about crystals and anything relevant. So, we created an article named "A - Z of Crystallizing" full of interesting facts and information about different types of crystals, tools and things you can do with crystals. Continue reading

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