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A Mini-LaFerrari in Swarovski Crystal

Here at Crystal Parade we love to be involved in a project that is a little bit different. With such a plethora of skills and...

Wedding Nails for Spring Brides

Spring is a wonderful time to get married; the weather is warm but not too hot, the skies are clear, and the flowers to choose from have some of the most amazing colours!

Best Tools For Applying Non-Hotfix Flatback Crystals

Crafts with crystals take many shapes and sizes, so there’s a range of tools available to help make the job easier. But how do you know which tool is right for the job?

6 Colourful Spring Nail Designs

The weather is finally starting to improve and you know what that means? Spring is on the way! Blow away the winter chill and enjoy some sunshine on your nails with these beautiful Spring Nail designs!

How to Crystallise Your Make Up

When you’re trying to up your make up game, there’s a sure-fire way to turn heads – crystallise your make up!

7 Magical Disney Nail Art Ideas

With these Disney-inspired nail designs, you can create incredible looks that are sure to bring a little bit of wonder to your day!

Perfectly Horrid Halloween Costume Ideas

So it’s that time of year again; the leaves have fallen, the skeletal trees lay bare and the warm touch of a summers afternoon seems a lifetime ago. Yes, it is October once again, which means Halloween is upon us!

Crystal Parade works with Emma Jayne Cake Design to recreate the stunning Mak Tumang designer gown.

It’s been a busy and fast paced run up to Easter for the team at Crystal Parade, the first quarter of the year has been full of interesting and exciting projects. The most recent and definitely the most notable has seen the team working with the world renowned cake artist, Emma Jayne Cake Design.

Swarovski and Preciosa crystals for Cinderella

The UK’s premier online retailer of craft supplies, embellishment equipment and costume making materials has been very busy recently. The team at the Warwickshire based company were commissioned to crystallise the house drape for the recent pantomime production of Cinderella at the London Palladium.

How to Perfect Lettering with Crystals and E6000 Glue

For many crystallizing projects, especially gifts, you may wish to write something in crystals such as a name, initial or age. It can be harder than it looks to get the text looking professional – it takes a bit of practice! Firstly, we recommend you practice gluing the crystal lettering onto a piece of paper, before you attach them directly to the surface of the object you are crystallizing.

Diamonds VS Swarovski Crystals

People often ask us what the difference is between diamonds and Swarovski crystals. They both shine so brilliantly, and are used in jewellery pieces, yet crystals are much more affordable and versatile. We’ve all heard the saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’… but is it really so?! Swarovski crystals can be used to bling up absolutely anything, from a dress to a mobile phone case. Not to mention that a woman can afford a lot more sparkle if she opts for crystals over diamonds!

Why You Don’t Need to Sell Your Irish Dance Costume

Having a show stopping dress is really important in Irish dance, especially when performing a solo. But with bespoke made to measure costumes costing anything from £500-£1500+, many parents have turned to buying used dresses for their little Irish jigger. However, there is no need to buy or sell second hand costumes if you have a little creativity.

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