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Harrod’s Festive tree with Preciosa Sparkle!

The famous Brompton Road Harrods store is home to some amazing, crea... Read More

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Learning the Secrets of Burlesque Costuming

As a pre-Christmas treat for you all, this month I’ve spoken with UK Queen of Burlesque ... Read More

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Make Your Irish Dance Tiara Sparkle With Swarovski Crystals

The Irish Dance Tiara is a staple piece of a dancers costume, no ... Read More

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Glitz and Glam: Interview With a Burlesque Dancer

When I began performing on the UK Burlesque circuit in 2006, a love for the costumes was a large... Read More

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Smash the Competition with a Sparkly Bikini!

When you're getting ready for the competition of a lifetime, you want the focus on all your hard ... Read More

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Add Some Sparkle to Your Irish Dancing Dresses and Accessories

When speaking of Ireland, the Emerald Isle conjures up many images when you hear its name, such&n... Read More

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Give Your Life Sparkle!

Here at Crystal Parade we have high standards for excellence, and... Read More

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What Is Burlesque?

Burlesque has been creating waves in the entertainment industry s... Read More

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The Feather Boa

An iconic piece of fashion history, a staple in standing out, a f... Read More

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Crystalise Your Kicks

Are you looking to stand out in your shoes? Then why not crystalise them to add an extra touch of... Read More

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Jazz Up Your Dance Costume for Competition

Competition season is upon us, and we want to help give you every edge possible over the oppositi... Read More

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