The Irish Dance Tiara is a staple piece of a dancers costume, no princess is complete without her Tiara and you need to feel like a princess to really exert confidence on stage!

Sparkle With Swarovski Crystals!


Let us guide you towards the perfect complete costume with our blog on making your Irish Dance Tiara stand out from the rest with some stunning Swarovski Crystals.

What We Recommend:

1) When it comes to choosing what colours are going to be on show, it is important to coordinate with the rest of the costume, and most likely you would already be prepared with the rest of your costume before applying the finishing touches to your Tiara!

2) Irish dancing Tiaras are another way to make your look unique against other dancers. There are so many shapes, styles and designs seen within Irish Dance tiaras, it is a great statement piece! For example, some girls put flowers into the side of their wig, but you can glue on Swarovski crystals to these to make them more eye-catching.

3) We suggest using singe stone settings when customising your Tiara. Single Stone Settings are a perfect product for creating stunning tiaras as well as jaw-dropping jewellery and enhancing clothing! These stone settings are perfect for tiaras in particular due to their clever multi-hole design allowing for easy wiring or sewing into the textile structure.

4) The sew in stones are also practical as they can penetrate through the tiaras firm material. The material of an Irish Dancing tiara is thick (like cardboard) to stay rigid in front of the wig, but also the sew in stones and material allows flexibility so when you bend the tiara around the head the stones do not ping off (unlike gluing them).

Swarovski stones complete your look and can make the judges heads turn, giving you additional spotlight to steal the show!