Every year, Hollywood's finest gathers for the Oscars.

Featuring some of the biggest stars in the film industry, the event is packed with glitz, glamour and bags of style!

Hollywood Nails for a Superstar Look


Celebrate this year's Oscars with you very own Hollywood nail art designs!


Hollywood sign



The Hollywood sign has 9 letters and you have 10 nails – it’s perfect!

A simple black or red background with gold lettering is easy to do and looks very in style. On the last nail, you can add a gold star for as a nod to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With the gold letters, using a glitter polish with add some extra sparkle to your look.


Gold Star


As mentioned above, Hollywood is synonymous with gold stars, and they are so easy to do on your nails.

In fact, any gold and glittery designs are perfect for your nails if you want a Hollywood look.

Choose a nude or pale base coat so that your sparkle really stands out, and then go all out with gold glitter polish and sparkling nail art crystals.


Dress to Impress


Apart from the films, the other huge part of the Oscars is the Red Carpet.

Here you will see some of the most amazing dresses ever made, styled especially for this one-a-year event.

Taking inspiration from previous show-stopping outfits, you can tailor you nail designs to match.

When Grace Kelly won her Oscar for The Country Girl in 1955, she wore a gorgeous pale green shimmering dress, or you could adopt a more modern look with deep burgundy, green and bronze colours to mimic Halle Berry’s 2002 dress when she took home the Oscar for Best Actress.


Black Tie


You can’t go wrong at a swanky party with a Little Black Dress!

Black is the perfect colour to match up with dazzling accents, so try combining the two on your nail designs.

A black base coat really wows the crowd when teamed up with sparkling silver!


Are you planning an Oscar party this year! Let us know and share your superstar pics!