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Perfectly Horrid Halloween Costume Ideas

So it’s that time of year again; the leaves have fallen, the skeletal trees lay bare and the warm touch of a summers afternoon seems a lifetime ago. Yes, it is October once again, which means Halloween is upon us!

How to Perfect Lettering with Crystals and E6000 Glue

For many crystallizing projects, especially gifts, you may wish to write something in crystals such as a name, initial or age. It can be harder than it looks to get the text looking professional – it takes a bit of practice! Firstly, we recommend you practice gluing the crystal lettering onto a piece of paper, before you attach them directly to the surface of the object you are crystallizing.

Why You Don’t Need to Sell Your Irish Dance Costume

Having a show stopping dress is really important in Irish dance, especially when performing a solo. But with bespoke made to measure costumes costing anything from £500-£1500+, many parents have turned to buying used dresses for their little Irish jigger. However, there is no need to buy or sell second hand costumes if you have a little creativity.

The Strangest Things you can Crystallize with Flatback Swarovski Crystals

m clothing and accessories to the soft furnishings around your home, you can add Swarovski crystals to anything! However, we’re sure that we can think of a few things that you haven’t tried embellishing yet. While this list is in no means extensive or an ‘ultimate list’ of what you can crystallize, we’ve got a little creative so you can try something new.

The Ultimate Crystal Glossary

Are you confused about the various crystallizing terms? Can’t tell your hotfix from a hot mess? It can seem like a different language sometimes! Crystal Parade are on hand with this crystal glossary to help you out. Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you have any more questions or you don’t understand any of our products.

Party Season Sparkles

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – which means it’s time to sparkle! With a festive period overflowing with Christmas and New Year parties, work dos and festive days out, there is no better time of year to get your bling on. From sparkly shoes and bags to mastering your own Christmas crystallized nails, we’ve got everything you need to make sure you shine like the star on top of the tree this party season.

How to Make a Crystal Skull for Halloween

Halloween isn’t far away, which means one thing: it’s time to get spooky! The freaky celebrations fall on a weekend this year, which is an even better excuse for a party! From pumpkins to spider web decorations and ghoulish games, it’s that time of year to start preparing the house for Halloween. The creative team at Crystal Parade have got something really special for you to try, which is totally unique and different from anything you can buy in the shops.

What Do You Want to Make? Crystal Parade TV Competition

If you haven’t already heard, here at Crystal Parade we’ve been very busy filming lots of videos for you, showing you how to make some really cool things with our crystals and craft accessories. We’ve recently launched Crystal Parade TV on YouTube, and already have over 10 videos for you to watch. The professional videos show exactly how to make a variety of projects, including all the equipment you will need, and how to apply the crystals correctly. There’s already a number of embellishing projects for you to choose from, such as how to crystallize a winter lantern, a photo frame, and a Christmas table centrepiece.

Interior Design Craft Projects for Rainy Days

Winter is closing in, and undoubtedly that means quite a few cold, rainy days are instore. If you’re wondering how you’ll entertain yourself when it’s just too chilly and wet to venture outside of the house, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s the perfect time of year to take part in some craft projects, especially interior design projects which can brighten up the home in the darkest days.

Top Gadgets to Crystallize

When it comes to embellishing, the experts here at Crystal Parade have seen it all! We have so much technology around us these days, but don’t you think it looks rather dull and boring? Most laptops are black and grey, as are tablets, phones and cameras. Brighten up your belongings with a bit of bling!

Crystal Parade Gets Royal Baby Fever!

With the arrival of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, everyone here at Crystal Parade has been infected with royal baby fever! As the new Princess is presented to the world by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we’ve been cooing over cute baby gear and of course crystallized baby clothes. What would you customise to make a unique “welcome to the world” gift? We’ve put together some ideas for celebratory presents with a royal theme – and they are totally blingtastic!

Top Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is fast approaching, and for a lot of families that means two whole weeks off school. Once the little munchkins are so full of chocolate eggs they feel sick, how are you planning to entertain them? Brits can never depend on the weather to plan days out, so they could be limited too, and there’s only so many films you can watch in a fortnight. Well fear not parents, we have all the inspiration you need right here in this article – it couldn’t be easier to get crafting with these fun Easter ideas.

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