Ice Skating

Reasons to Try Ice Skating in 2016

The festive season is the perfect time of year to try your balance on the ice, with temporary ice rinks popping up all over the nation. While it’s fun to get our skates on and take in the romantic sights on the outdoor rinks, have you ever considered actually learning how to skate properly? Ice skating is a professional sport, and as you’ll probably know if you’ve ever wobbled around the ice, it’s very difficult. If you’re looking for an interesting challenge in 2016, figure skating could be it. Need some more motivation to give it a go? Here are Crystal Parade’s top reasons.

2015 Costume Trends for Ice Skating Competitions

With one of the UK’s most exciting ice skating competitions coming up this month, we thought we’d take a look at the latest costume trends in the skating world. The Inclusive Skating Competition takes place in Glasgow on 10th-12th April, and includes categories such as speed, free skating and dance. But what will the competition have in store in terms of fashion? Read on for Crystal Parade’s predictions!

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