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Cute As A Button Crystal Shoes

Hello and welcome! My name is Helen and I own Cute as a Button Shoes based down in sunny C... Read More

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Spice Girls Tour Shines with Crystals!

If memory serves me correctly (and it does - I will NEVER forget this moment), it was a chilly da... Read More

Blog & Dance
Get Your Irish Dancing Outfit Ready To Dazzle!

Fashion and trends change with each season, however, what remains unchanged and thus unique are t... Read More

Blog & Fashion
Royal Ascot 2020

As I sit here typing up my June blog post for the ever so wonderful Crystal Parade I find myself ... Read More

Turning Creativity into Caring

This month's blog post was scheduled to be something I was going to be incredibly proud of. It wa... Read More

Blog & Costume Design
Make Up Your Fantasy with Crystals

One of my greatest assets, the one I truly value the most, is my imagination. It has always been ... Read More

Blog & Embellishing
How to Rhinestone a Black Dress

Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your life! If you’re preparing for a show, a... Read More

Blog & Costume Design
Billy Porter: Get The Look

Billy Porter is the style icon we’ve all been waiting for. Whatever gender, race or sexu... Read More

Blog & Craft
Crystals, Hats, and Studio Life

I remember the first week of my new found freedom and crazy amount of time after I left my career... Read More

Blog & Fashion
Catwalk Crystals

Jean Paul Gaultier, the 'enfant terrible' of fashion, ended his 50 year reign of couture catwalks... Read More

Blog & Craft
Rhinestone Tips for Busy Hands!

Today's blog comes from Jenny, an amateur burlesque performer, p... Read More

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