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WIN a custom crystal halo headband!

Halloween is over, not that we really had one this year, and it was on a Saturday. It has been 4 ... Read More

Blog & Costume Design
Hats for Halloween!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But it’s not Christmas - it’s the month of my fav... Read More

Blog & Drag
Drag Queen Outfits That Will Thrill You!

Many years ago whilst I was starting out on my ... Read More

Blog & Burlesque
West End Burlesque

This month @primpmycostume speaks w... Read More

Blog & Costume Design
A Titanic Achievement - Designing Iconic Hats in Movies

This month’s blog post for the amazing Crystal Parade is one that I have been so excited to do ... Read More

Blog & Embellishing
Wedding Shoes with Crystal Touches!

I love working in the wedding industry, I love working with couples to create a special bespoke i... Read More

Blog & Craft
Crystal Tumblers That Shine!

I started off my business with a custom bridal shoe and accessories shop but always wanted to bra... Read More

Blog & Craft
Craft Storage - Storing Your Sparkle

I have never met a crystal I don’t like and I honestly wish I could have more. I am such a magp... Read More

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