Whether you’re a creative professional or a hobby crafter, one thing is for certain – you need to keep your supplies organised. From pearls and bead to crystals and half-finished projects, it’s important to keep everything safe and organised in one place.

Crystal Parade’s storage supplies are the ideal way to store all of your craft supplies. The range of crystal and bead storage boxes feature multiple small clear jars stacked on top of one another, allowing users to separate different coloured crystals and beads or any small craft item. When you are finished crafting, simply store the convenient box away anywhere you like, ready for starting up again next time.

Additionally, our range of grip seal bags also do the job. Each pack comes with a selection of different sizes, so these are more suitable for larger craft items and tools. The grip seal bags are also easier for transporting, so whether you need to carry items around the house or take your supplies to a craft workshop, they will be safe in your grip seal bags.

If you have any questions about our storage selection, please get in touch.