Applicators for hotfix crystals, Swarovski, Preciosa, Korean, Czech hotfix rhinestones

There are several applicators available on the market place for applying flatback crystals.

Hotfix flatback crystals are applied by heat as there is a cold glue on the reverse of the rhinestone which when heat is applied the glue is activated and becomes sticky.  If you are stoning a dance costume, decorating wedding stationery, crystalizing soft furnishing and wall paper we would recommend that you purchase the Kandi Kane hotfix applicator wand, also know as a hotfix wand or rhinestone setter device.  Using the hotfix tool is quick and clean and is a great investment if you have a big project or decorate with hotfix crystals on a regular basis.  It is ideal for beginners and professional.

If you have a one off project you can always use a house hold iron, this is not ideal and you will need to ask a friend to help you.

For professional use it may be that you will consider investing in a hotfix transfer press.

Applicators for Swarovski, Preciosa, Korean and Czech no hotfix crystals also known as non hotfix crystals.

If you prefer to use no hotfix crystals there are different application tools you can use to pick up your flaback rhinestones.

Crystal Katana, we call this the Rolls Royce of pick up tools.  Invented by Kellie DeFries, crystallizer to the stars, the Crystal Katana has a speciallized jewellery was which will not leave a residue on the crystal, it also has a metal tip to enable you to press the flatback crystal securely in place.
Jewell Setter, these are available in a pack of, the end of the blue sticks is a malleable wax which you can form into an icecream cone shape to enable you to pick up your rhinestone and place onto of the glue.  It may leave a slight residue, all you have to do is wait several hours for your glue to cure and then with a soft cloth polish the crystals.
Pick up pencil, these are a cheap alternative but may not work on the larger crystals ss20 upwards, again they will leave a slight residue on top of the crystal.
Tweezers can be handy for larger crystals but can become sticky and leave glue on your rhinestones.  They are handy to keep by your side when crystallizing as they will pick a crystal quickly if you have placed it in an incorrect position.