We have a fabulous range of adhesives and glues in stock, ideal for all your craft designs; choose from Gem Tac, E6000+, Ninja Superflex adhesive, Multi Grab 360, Nail and Beauty glue as well as kits, bundle deals and easy to use accessories to go with them. 

Gem Tac glue is an universal adhesive and recommended by Crystal Parade. Gem-Tac glue is an easy and mess free way to embellish clothes, jeans, jackets, gym wear, evening wear, dance wear, club wear, irish dance costumes, free style dance costumes,  ballroom gowns, wedding dresses, stage costumes, iphone, ipads, mobile phones, glasses, picture frames and lots more.

Gem tac is a permanent adhesive, it bonds gems, sequins, glitter and rhinestones to lots of fabrics. It will bond fabrics to glass, vinyl, metal & patent leather.  A great multi purpose adhesive, is is washable, it dries crystal clear and is non-toxic and non -flamable. Gem Tac is the glue we would recommend when applying the Non-Hotfix crystals. Check out our range of Preciosa Non-Hotfix and Swarovski Non-Hotfix crystal rhinestones to get inspired for your next project.

We have recently introduced the new updated version of the E6000 adhesive called E6000 Plus+ which is an industrial strength gel like glue that will bond any material. It is especially good for apply crystals to shoes as it is flexible, waterproof and dries crystal clear. This new E6000 Plus+ now has fewer chemicals and no longer has a strong smell.

Check out our range of Applicators which include syringes and tips to help apply your glue.

We have also come up with some glue kits to help you get started on your craft project, including the Handy Glue Kit, Precision Glue Kit and Ultimate Glue Kit.

Why not browse our fantastic range of Nail Art Crystals to go with the nail and beauty glues we hold! There you will find a huge collection of crystals embellishments including Crystal Shapes, Flatback Pearls and the all new Preciosa Crystal Faerie.