Here at Crystal Parade we have sourced a wide range of tools, glue, storage boxes, jewellery components and many other craft accessories which compliment our crystals. Here are some handy hints and tips to demonstrate how to apply crystals to your craft projects and crystal designs!

How will you be applying your crystals to your dress, mirror, shoes and craft project?   You can choose to apply the crystals also known as rhinestones, diamantes and sequins using a specialist glue.  We would recommend that you use the Gemtac glue or E6000 glue.

If you prefer to work with the Hotfix crystals be sure to check out the Kandi Kane Hotfix Applicator Wand.  It is the best hotfix applicator wand on the market, it is easy and safe to use, has an on off switch, a very comfortable grip and will not roll off the table!  If you are making a crystal transfer you will need hotfix transfer film.

Looking for an easy way to pick up your crystals?  You need the professional and innovative Crystal Katana.  The Crystal Katana will pick up your crystal time after time and will enable you to place your crystal accurately and quickly.   For a more cost effective way of picking up your crystals the jewel setter has a malable wax which when gently placed on top of the crystal it will pick the crystal up for you to place on your chosen surface. Our tweezers are ergonomically designed to pick up crystals.  The are ideal for when you have placed the crystal in the incorrect position.

Worried about putting too much glue on your chosen surface and making a mess? The team at Crystal Parade crystallize many things and are always looking for ways to speed up the application of the crystals and also to elimate the amount of glue used.  One particularly useful idea we designed was the Precision Glue Applicator Kit. This innovative, handy kit contains everything you need to apply your crystals with precision and ease. The kit includes Gemtac and E6000 glue, alcohol wipes, syringes and colour coded nozzels for the different types of glue you use for different items. You simply squeeze a small amount of your required glue into the syringe and select from 4 different sizes your desired nozzel. For example, you may want to apply tiny crystals to a wine glass to form a name or date, the last thing you want is big blobs of glue spoiling your work.  In the kit you will find ultra fine nozzels for your intricate work and larger nozzles for larger crystals.  We also offer a single syringe with a pink nozzel for you to trial.  Once you use the Precision Glue Kit you will never want to squeeze glue directly out of the bottle again!

Where will you store your crystals?  Look no further, our handy storage boxes are made of clear perspex which enables you to see what you have in side each storage pot.  Each of our storage boxes contact nx either 24 or 30 cute and easy to use clear jars, each jar has a screw top.

New to jewellery designing?  We stock everything you need to get started.  So you have got your crystal, beads and pearls you will now need to start with the basic tools and accessories.  You will need a flatnose plier to squeeze flat your crimp beads.  You will need a pair of round nose pliers to gently bend headpins etc.  We stock a small range of the Beadalon jewellery wire along with many different jewellery findings, including crimps, jump rings, bezels, headpins, split rings, charms and clasps.  To make your life easier be sure to check out our jewellery mats which keep you beads in place and you can plan your designs.

Would you like to try something new and innovative? A big trend at the moment is a fun product called Crystal Clay. Crystal Clay is fantastic and very easy to use and you don't need heat (kiln, etc) to cure the clay.  Just knead the clay, place in your chosen bezel and using either flatback crystals or round pointy backs place the crystals into the clay, wait several hours for the clay to cure and you will have designed a beautiful piece of jewellery without having to use specialists tools to twist jewellery wire and crimp beads.

Wish you could crystallize all night long? After a long day at work it is great to relax and enjoy your favourite hobby using crystals but it is not always possible as the daylight has gone and artificial light is not sufficient to carry out intricate work.   Have no fear because we have the ideal solution ..... day lamps and lights!   With out carefully selected daylamps you can craft, crystallize and embellishing all through the night.