Preciosa’s tradition of glassmaking can be traced back more than five centuries to 1548 in the Crystal Valley of Bohemia. Founded upon the ideals of quality, durability and innovation, Preciosa has throughout the centuries achieved new technological breakthroughs and introduced the world over to a captivating and timeless quality of authentically crafted Bohemian crystal.   In 2013 Preciosa launched its first lead-free crystal product line, Maxima by Preciosa, which meets the highest international standards of environmental friendliness. In 2017 you will find the majority of Preciosa crystals, from flatback crystals to sew on stones are lead free.


These days it is very little. For many centuries Swarovski crystals were far superior to Preciosa Crystals but as technology has improved, the differences have become almost indistinguishable and Preciosa’s pricing structure has made their brand very competitive.We have been lead to believe that Swarovski tried to counteract this sparkly competition by introducing a 12 facetted crystal but within months Preciosa introduced a 12 facetted crystal also. In 2004 Swarovski launched their new 14 facet Xilion cut and called it “the new generation of brilliance” .  There was no denying that these additional 2 facets did give that extra sparkle. Many people argued that from a distance (on a performers costume, on stage) these 14 facets sparkle took away some of the actual colour tones of the crystals.  Swarovski had achieved extra sparkle but in the process lost the crystals true colour.

Of course, Preciosa did not rest on their laurels and soon launched the Viva12 rhinestone crystal. Preciosa modified the cut of the original 12 facet crystal which enhanced itssparkle and optically purified the crystal for extra brilliance. In Crystal Parade's opinion the Viva12 crystals are the most sparkly crystals available on the market with the added bonus of continuing to retain that all important colour flash in close proximity as well as at a distance, whether that be on the stage or decorating a piece of art.  Preciosa's Viva12 crystals continue to  deliver on sparkle, brilliance, colour and of course excellent value for money.   On average you can save over 35% when choosing to purchase a Preciosa product rather than Swarovski.

Preciosa Components

  • Tradition - The Preciosa Trademark was first registered in Bohemia in 1915
  • Range - Preciosa offers the widest range of components for the jewellery and fashion industries. Their vast inventory includes more than   425 thousand components.
  • Quality - Preciosa is the number one choice of customers looking for quality products
  • Origin - All 425 000 articles are made in the Czech Republic
  • Innovation - Preciosa is a leader in developing new technology and methods to enhance our line of glass and create new shapes and colour
  • Collaboration with the leading colour authority - Preciosa has collaborated with Pantone, a world renowned American company known for their expertise in forecasting colour trends. Together, they worked to develop a Jewellery Colour Palette that has the latest colour trends for the seasons
  • Global scope - Preciosa are always in touch with their customers through their foreign office
  • Sustainability - Preciosa closely follows requirements to create a safe working environment with ecologically friendly equipment.


Preciosa Crystals inspire anyone who wants to add elegance and brilliance to their creations.